Gene & Betty Buckles Programming Center

Gene & Betty Buckles Programming Center
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

More than just birds .......

TBM Avenger 3E
There were more than just birds and butterflies flying around over the trail this week.  This TBM Avenger flew right over me and I definitely heard it before I saw it.  The engine made a very distinct sound. This,  the heaviest single engine Torpedo Bomber of World War 2 came into view. What a sight to see!  This plane was used at the battle of Midway. 
Giant Swallow Tail

 Back to the trail. Thistle was the food source this week. Every group of plants I came to had butterflies on them. I got real close to this Giant as it feed. They are the largest of the Swallow tails, hence the name Giant Swallow Tail. I also saw the two color phases of the Tiger Swallow Tail.  Notice the  faint stripes of the dark phase on the inside wing, below the beautiful Tiger Swallow Tail ( Light Phase).

There are two phases of the Tiger Swallow Tail here is the dark.  This is the first time I have been able to witness the two phases in the field. 
Tiger  Swallow Tail ( dark phase)

Tiger Swallow Tail

 So it goes to never know what you are going to see on the trail!

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  1. these are great shots doug! you know so much it's awesome to read your posts! education and entertaining! the bomber is cool, as it the butterflies on the thistle.