Gene & Betty Buckles Programming Center

Gene & Betty Buckles Programming Center
This is the place the art studio is located

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Field studies

Doug decided he wanted to get involved with writing on the blog, so the following comments are made by him in regards to him week...

This week I spent my time painting on the studies I drew out on the trail.
Day Lily study

This flower was off the trail a bit. I liked the shape and warm colors against the cool shade.
Tall bell flower

This flower I found at the Prairie on the Hartman Reserve it stood about 4 feet tall, hence the name Tall bell flower.

I believe these little  curious squirrel is a Eastern Red Squirrel .  They are about half the size of a Fox Squirrel.

Now these orange berries I have not identified yet, maybe you can help me. It was a high bush with green rounded leafs . The sun was back lighting them, that was why I was attracted to them and I also wanted to identify them so I did a quick study . I am still looking to ID them.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Walking the Trails-Week 1

This week was spent setting up the studio and walking the trails.  Doug spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday getting to know the reserve.  
Included below are some shots that he took this week.

Wild Bergamot
Black-eyed Susan

There were several stories that he shared that were pretty interesting.
Tall Bell Flower

As he walked the trail he noticed a bluebird cavity nest that was up in a tree.  We have so many bluebird boxes located everywhere in Iowa, it is pretty exciting to find an actual natural cavity where a bluebird family is nesting.  He was unable to get a shot this week because his lens wasnt working for him, but he will this week:) 
Dragon Fly

Monarch butterflies

The goal Doug has set is to complete as many studies as he can with the final painting for the auction. Our hope is to have a set of cards for folks to enjoy at the end of this residency.          
At the end of the week here is an example of one of Doug's studies.  Let us know in the comments, if you have any ideas for the final painting and if you like what you see.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A beginning of a great relationship...

Today we were able to meet with the fine folks at the Hartman Reserve for the first time.  This blog will cover the journey Doug Davis will experience during the next nine weeks.  Doug is the first artist to be chosen for the Artist-in Residence program at the Hartman Reserve.  What an honor!  I am Kathy his wife, who will keep you "posted."  Join us as he tries to capture the beauty and richness of the natural visual resources found here.

The visit included tours of the facilities and some brainstorming of ideas for this unique project.

The studio space included an artist table and easel donated by University Book and Supply.  The space is upstairs in the Gene and Betty Buckles Programming Center.   Doug also received $250 gift card to purchase supplies for the final artwork.

Many thanks for the gift basket of goodies and the warm welcome we received today.  

 Here is one of the cool shots he was able to capture today...he is always so busy catching that shot!

Look for our weekly blog entries...........................We will bee seeing you:)